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Thread: Audio problems when capturing Dv

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    Default Audio problems when capturing Dv

    I have a problem capturing mini dv tapes using my sony Camcorder(DCR-PC101E).
    The video is ok , but i get sound ticks and gaps and its annoying .
    These tapes were not recorded with my camcorder. and they were recorded using a mono microphone (LP).
    when i record with my camcorder the sound is very good. But with these external tapes, the sound is not good at all.
    The thing is , that when capturing on other camcorders , the sound of these tapes are fine.
    but in my cam ,it has problems. I've tried working on a different pc , different Firewire ,cabels..
    and nothing seems to solve this issue. what could be the cause of the problem? and how can i solve it ?

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    If the said tapes were recorded in LP mode then this may be the reason you are having problems.

    My advice is to transfer the footage using the camera it was recorded with.

    LP mode can cause problems, and is best avoided.

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    But what in fact can i do ?
    Is there any way i can fix the sound problem using my camera?
    I can undo the lp recording .
    I'm doing it for a person who recorded those tapes . I can't use his camera.
    Give a real solution.
    maybe other causes to make this problem.

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    My friend, your "give a real solution" comment smacks of poor attitude. Or at least it does the way i read it. You were offered some advice. The solution proposed may not be to your liking but it sure is your best solution. So rather than throw scorn on the person delilvering the advice you should try to accept it and perhaps work towards finding a way the advice can work for you.

    It seems that the recording itself is poor. your best bet is to transfer it from the original machine. If you are doign thre transfer as a favour for a friend then for your best results, if he has already handed you the tapes then maybe he shoudl hand you the machine so you can transfer it properly.

    You other alternative is to capture the recording as best as you are able and then attempt to fix it digitally.

    Pops, tisks and gaps (as long as they are not long) are easily enough repaired with the right software. I use Adobe Audition for my audio work. In there there are some ratehr obvious named filters for fixing exavctly these types of problem and they seem to work quite well. The bad news though is that this s/w has a certain $ value associated with it that would need to be covered. What's your budget?

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    Default I didn't mean it in an offensive way

    I thank him for his answer , and he's right...
    but i wanted a practical solution, something creative ...
    but thats ok .

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