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Thread: Sony Digicams and NEC firewire chipsets - probs?

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    Default Sony Digicams and NEC firewire chipsets - probs?

    Anyone had any bad experiences with Sony cams and Fire wire cards with NEC chipsets. I have "heard" there may be compatability issues - which is a bummer as my firewire card has the NEC chipset! I haven't tried it out yet - card needs installing - and am wondering whether to bother!

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    go ahead and try it! it's not that hard...
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    Default NEC chipset and Sony handycam

    Hi, I got a NEC chipset firewire card for my PC to transfer the images from Sony Handycam. Problem is that the PC needs the Windows OS Installer CD in order to recognise the card, and sadly enough I donot have the OS installer CD. Any means to get the driver for the NEC firewire card? A help in this regard would be immensely appreciated. Thanks

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