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    La Dolce Vita (The Good Life)

    Another summer, another Digital Director video contest. We always keep it simple at VideoForums - we give you a title, you give us a video. The mods put their collective brain power to good use (for once) and came up with an interesting title for this year's contest: 'The Good Life'. I don't care what type of video you enter, as long as we can all see it! And here's the rules:

    1. The contest is open to all registered users of the forums.
    2. Closing date for entries is 30th September 2007.
    3. The theme this year is "La Dolce Vita" it is up to the entrant as to how they interpret it.
    4. The Video cannot be longer than 6mins 40 seconds overall, this includes titles and credits.
    5. Prizes will be announced in due course, and contingent on the number of entrants.
    6. The finished movie must be available to view, online without payment or the need to register.
    7. The contest will be judged by a select group of senior members and moderators who have submitted an entry of their own.
    8. In the event of more than 20 entries an "entrant's prize" will be voted for by each of the entrants.
    9. You may submit as many entries as you like.
    10. In any cases of dispute, the decision of the webmaster of is final.

    How to enter
    To join in the fun and enter a video, simply start a new thread in this section with a link to your video. Simple.

    Entrants should bear in mind that points will be awarded for originality and the relevance to the theme but, mainly, on their editing & video-making skills. Entries will be judge by a panel of Videoforums moderators and members. Details of prizes will be announced shortly.

    If there's anything you don't agree with, then don't enter the competition!

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    I do have a sort-of half-promise of some prizes/goodies from those nice people over at for this comp. The message I have is along the lines of "I'm sure we can sort something out for you".

    I'll following this up and push for confirmation if enough entries come in to justify it.

    If we get 20+ entries and they turn tail on me I'll buy the prize myself ok?

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