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Thread: Video Editing Program Choice?

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    Question Video Editing Program Choice?

    Hey I'm new fellow director looking for a little help in the program department. I was wondering if there is any software out there that could do some detailed stuff. Like editing a word over somone's head and changing the font/color ect. and be able to move the words along with the characters on screen. For example say the character bends down to pick up a penny. Is there a program out there that would allow the dialogue to float above the users head and follow it? Thanks for your time.

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    As you specifically asked this in the Adobe forum then you have a number of options available.

    By far the cheapest is Premiere Elements. I'm not an 'elements' user but I have no doubt it allows the user to position video on screen. All you need to do is position your text layer which can contain anytext you like. You can then keyframe the position so that it stays in the same place relative to the object you desire. You can do it but it would be a manual process.

    If you have access to After Effects Pro then you can do it easily. This s/w has a motion tracker in it. YOu can specify a single position and ask the s/w to track it. These track points can then be used as the position data for your text layer. Easy and bullet proof... unless your track point goes off the edge of the screen.

    The cheap manual approach will set you back somethign like 60 UKP and for that you get a full video editor wiht the abiltiy to make DVDs with menus as well. The 'proper' version will set you back hundreds - sorry.

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