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    Hi all. I am interested in making a short reality show just for fun and I was hoping I could get some advise on what equipment I would need to use. I already have a Sony HDR-FX1 cam-corder and most of the equipment I need, but I know there are a few handy things I might be missing and I hope you all can help. So far I have the following:
    Sony HDR-FX1
    2 9 hour Batteries
    Battery Charger
    Camcorder Light
    Wide-angle Lens
    Lens Filters
    2 Extension Cord
    Surge Protecter
    High Def Blank Tapes
    Shoulder Brace
    Lens Cleaning Cloth
    White-balance Cloth
    Green Screen

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    A big bag?

    Witty signature text coming soon...

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    lol, i have a few of those, anymore ideas?

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    How about a PC or Mac and some software to edit it all together on?

    Also, I'm curious. What are the extension leads for?

    Other comments....
    Camcorder light. What's this for? Are you looking for the camera in the face type of interview. these lights (if youhave what I think you have) are not able to light a room so you may want to think abotu getting some 'real' lighting. The purists will disagree no doubt but if budget is at a premium then it;s amazing what can be achieved with a couple of 5 floodlights from B&Q. If you have a green screen then you've probably noticed by now that it needs lighting properly.

    Also, there's plenty to say about microphones. With an FX1 having a seperate microphone is pretty much a must once you realise the inbuilt one is really there just for decoration But what you get out of it will depend on what it is and how it is mounted.

    Also, for filming with an FX1 I found getting one of those hoodman things a godsend for filming outside.

    And, as I have the same camera, I'd be interested in learning what wide angle adaptor you have, where yougot it, howmuch it was and is it any good. PM mewith details if possible.

    Other good gadgets that I find useful. A big 5-in-one reflector and some kind of steadying device.

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    Alan, thanks for the tip about the hoodman.

    About the wide angle lens, I don't have one yet but I know this camera needs one. I heard Sony released a camera called the FX7 thats suppose to be wide angle. That was the next thing I was going to buy, a wide angle lens for my FX1.

    Whats a good 5 in 1 reflector? As for the steadying device, I was going to use a steadicam.

    I know the microphone issue my be a problem. I was going to put a shotgun mic ontop of my cam and see how that works for now.

    Any other ideas?

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