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Thread: Please help, How long????

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    Default Please help, How long????

    I have come on here to ask you lovely peps a very daft Q!
    I apologise if a) I have posted in the wrong section and b) the Q!
    I know nothing on camcorders and can't talk the lingo.. so please be easy ta.
    Ok, I want a camcorder that is idiot friendly and cheap. But most importantly how big a memory does it require so it can run filming for half an hour max?
    See, said it was a daft Q lol.
    I don't intend to take up filming, I just need a happy camcorder to run continuously for 30mins for an assesment I am doing (on film)!
    My lovely Kodak easyshare DX6490 does the job fine regards quality etc but only runs for 8mins!
    Or.. is it a question of getting a bigger memory card for that??? If so what size? (this option would suit me even better if it's possible).
    Please please help lil' ol' me
    Thanks xx

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    Tape-based miniDV cameras can record for 60 minutes non-stop. Even longer in long play mode.

    Cheap too, compared to the newer formats.

    And usually record better quality, compared to newer formats.

    And easier to edit with.

    Your Kodak is a nice stills camera, with a gimicky movie mode included. Even a 10 year old camcorder will make nicer movies for you.

    If the Kodak is good enough quality for you, then forget the camcorder and just buy a bigger SD memory card. You can get 2 GB cards for a lot less than a camcorder:

    Crucial 2GB Secure Digital Card

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    Thankyou Bert.
    I would be more than happy to go for the bigger memory card for my camera. I appreciate the quality of my camera movie bit to your standards is poor, but good enough for what I need it for lol. Thanks for claryfing things. x feel it has saved me some penny's and an un-wanted purchase.
    Big thanks again!

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