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    hi everybody....i am making a video and have a problem with masking...i explain the video i clone myself.when i push the button the other me appears.for this i use masking of course...but there is a problem that i want my clone to disappear..i made a keyframe and switch off the mask button...but it executes whole the clip...i mean that i want the mask to close after the keyframe...and also there is a another problem should the mask appear step by step...i mean is there any way to show the mask suddenly...not creating frame by frame...bye for now...also forgive me for my poor english...trying to improve myself day by day...

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    Split the shot ("s" key) where you want the mask to stop. Now you have two shots. Remove the mask from the second shot.

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    i love masking
    oh the good old days.........

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    I do ALL my Mask Management from within the Events Mask Timeline. I don't split the clip/event. For me this would create more issues than it would solve.

    What I had to learn was that the MASK timeline holds all the necessary ONs and OFFs I needed - how this is achieved is the way I actually manage the Keyframe Diamonds. The "Global" ON/OFF Mask button turns the Mask Timeline ON/OFF - it does not "manage" the Timeline requirements of having a certain Keyframe active OR not - it will only, globally turn the timeline OFF or ON - period!

    So, for managing the MASK's activity, this is what I do:-

    1/- Leave the MASK Button engaged ( if I swith it OFF then none off the management of the MASK Timeline will have any effect. )

    2/- Engage the SYNC Cursor

    3/- Move either the MASK Timeline Cursor OR the MAIN Timeline Cursor to the point where a mask is to appear/be active

    4/- Click the "Create Keyframe (Insert)" Icon.

    5/- Draw MASK

    6/- Right Click on this Keyframe "Diamond" and COPY

    7/- SCRUB to the point where you want to stop and right Click on Timeline and go PASTE

    (. . you have now created a "masked-period" . . )

    8/- Move some way away from this "Pasted" Diamond and Click the "Create Keyframe (Insert)" Icon. You should now have a further Keyframe Diamond Icon appear. You will also notice that the MASK is still as it was - active.

    9/- While still on this last pasted Icon RIGHT click on the PATH of actual MASK, and choose "Reset Mask".

    This will have the MASK reset to what it was BEFORE you started. It will mean you have the following:

    Drawn MASK area IN USE > Drawn MASK area NOT IN USE

    OK, to recap:

    #1 - I don't Split Clips/Events to manage my MASK Keyframes - I work SOLELY from within that Clip's/Event's MASK Timeline

    #2 - I use the COPY PASTE procedure to create sections of time that have the drawn mask "work" or not.

    TIP: Get to experiment and learn what the other "Right-Click" options do. They WILL save you an enormous amount of time. Try/check-out the HOLD variable too!


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