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    Ive recorded an outside scene for a period piece, the trouble is on some of the shots there are planes flying overhead. I did my best to avoid them but it would have taken even longer to shoot while it was quiet and it just wasnt possible.

    The other problem is that I dont have a great mike, it picks up the dialogue find but ive had to turn it up to max on the camera. Is there any way I can:

    1. get rid of the backround hiss
    2. remove the far background planes

    We have Adobe CS3 with all the stuff so premiere, after effects, soundbooth etc.

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    Don't know how to drive Soundbooth but it's supposed to have all the feature of Audition in so your job should be a sinch - if it can be done at all.

    In audition I would select a portion of audio that contains jujst the noise to be removed. That can be captured as a noise profile. Using that profile you can then remove all the noise from your entire clip. It works a treat for background noises like buzzes and hums. Hiss should have it;s own filters to apply. Check your manual for details

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    Great thanks, guess its time to actually use that manual!

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    Using the same kind of thing in soundbooth, select a clip of noise and then remove it. Seems to work ok but it makes the dialogue very dense sounding.
    It was just so hard to get clean sound where we were

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    I had a similar problem when I filmed a scene by a lake. There was the noise of a plane when one particular actor was talking. When I cut the shots together (used 2 cameras) the sound of the plane came abruptly in and out at the points where I'd had to cut from one camera to the other. Applying audio transitions helped to some degree in a couple of places in the video, but there was one bit that just didnt' work. So I used Audacity to record just the sound of the plane. I faded it in and out, then placed it on another audio track to make it sound like the plane was flying over while part of the conversation was taking place no matter which actor was speaking.
    Not ideal but it covered up the otherwise annoying problem enough for the scene to work well.

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    I was thinking of doing that but the scene is set in the mid 1800's so the sound of a plane is not exceptable. Ive managed to get it removed so I thought I would record a new atmos track to give the whole scene some normallity throughout.

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    Posted a cut of the scene in the 'show your work' section of this forum.

    Let me know.

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    Did your external shots have a town/city in the background or were they set in the countryside? You could try using a copyright free CD with atmospheric tracks on it. Audio tracks in television and film production are made up of many layers including dialogue, wild track, sound effects, music etc. Use a microphone on a boom plus a long extension cable plugged into the camera or if you can afford radio mic's, may be a little bit more difficult to hide on your actors, and get it as close to your actors as possible without it being seen by the camera. If you can afford a directional mic all the better as it will eliminate much of the background noise. What you are looking for at the end of the day is clean dialogue, you can add all the other audio elements back at the edit.

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    It was in the middle of the countryside, the house in the background is part of the mansion type place.
    The problem was that there is an airfield about 6miles away and there were planes coming over. Plus there was a few bangs in the background.

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