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Thread: MP3 import issue

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    Default MP3 import issue

    This is a strange one,

    My current project is a video of the sights and attractions of four islands of Hawaii. I have added mp3's to the soundtrack and deleted the original audio from the video clips. Everything is working great except for one particular song. Tropical Lady by Kapena. Whenever I import this track into Premier elements and add it to the soundtrack, only the first 5 seconds or so plays, then nothing, as if its been muted. All other songs play fine. When I play this mp3 outside of Premier, in Winamp or WMP for example, the track plays fine. I have tried deleting the original file and re-downloading it, I have changed it to a different folder location, and I have tried changing the name of the file, all to no avail. I really like this track and the lyrics fit with this particular section of video better than any others I have planned to use but I can not seem to figure this one out.

    I have opened the track up in the preview pane and can see that the first five seconds of the track have audio then it flatlines for the remaining 4 minutes. When i right click on the track in premier and select the "edit original" command it opens in winamp and plays fine in its entirety, but as soon as I add it to the project, it only plays the initial 5 seconds.

    If anyone has any ideas on what I've done to this track or how to correct the problem please enlighten me.

    I am using Premier Elements 3.0

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    It may simply be corrupt.

    Try converting it to a WAV file. There are plenty of free MP3 to WAV converter programs available via Google.

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    That did it!! Thank you very much!! What I actually did was find a converter that converted both directions so I first made the mp3 a wav then deleted the mp3 then converted the wav back to mp3 and viola!!!! works perfect. Thanks again!!

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