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    Question Help?!

    Hi, hopefully someone here can help me ... have been looking on the net for answers but can't find them :(

    I have a Sony Handycam DCR DVD404E which I have used to record a few home movies using CD-RW. I've finalised these movies without a problem, and they play on my stand alone dvd player without any glitches. HOWEVER, i wish to edit the dvds ... maybe put three of those 30 min dvds onto one full length DVD, but for some reason neither my home computer nor my laptop is able to read them (makes churning noises and then ejects). Strange thing is my sister has a really old laptop which is able to read and play them fine.

    I have read an old thread here which suggests using CD-R rather than CD-RW, which i will do for future, but how do I get the video footage from these current CD-RWs onto my computer? Unfotunately the handycam does not have the option of using the USB data cable to transfer the footage :(

    I was meant to have received Nero 6 with the handcam, but this was never in the box ... might this have something to do with it? If so, any idea where i can get another copy of this as i can't find my receipt to take it back!

    Hopefully someone can help, i'd be very greatful xx

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    hello? anyone????????

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    I don't know what to say, those dvd camcorders are bad news. Hopefully some one can help you. Personly I won't touch a dvd cam. There fine if you don't edit but eventualy every one who films wants to edit. nero probaly won't help much either.

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    Yep, bad news indeed if you intend to edit. However, this subject has been discussed to death many times before. A bit of seraching around the forum here and you should be able to dig up plenty of advice on converting your DVD files into soemthign muchmore managable to edit.


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