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    Hi everyone, im new to the community, after weeks of trying to solve the problem myself i finally bit the bullet and am asking for help.

    my digi camcorder has both the tape and the memory card ( you all probably know this anyways, but its all new to me ),

    well i can connect it to the pc no problem and it recognises the memory card, but how do i get the tape onto the pc?. i dont know if im doing something wrong, if i am i dont know what,

    can anyone please help me out on this, as im meant to be capturing a christinng in about a fortnight,



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    You need to hook it up via FireWire. My guess is you're using the supplied USB cable. If you don't have a firewire connection on your mobo, you cab buy a PCI card for around 15.

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    yes. you will also need a cable. called a firewire cable.
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