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Thread: Non-time related counter from 0 to 100... Do I really need 100 images?

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    Default Non-time related counter from 0 to 100... Do I really need 100 images?

    I have been googling and searching in this forum, and it seems the only way to have a counter on screen that's not related to time, you'll need to manually make stills for each and every number and place these manually on the timeline.

    In other words, first I need to make...


    Then import them all as stills, and then place them where I need them

    Sounds like a really tedious job. That's no problem though, unless someone knows of a more effective way of doing this!

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    Well, as you mentioned PSD I'm assuming you're using Photoshop. If so then you could always draw the first one by hand and then based on that as a template you could batch generate the rest. Would take about a minute. And the styles used fro each one would be 100% coinsistent, i.e drop shadow, colours etc etc

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