Hi there guys .

New to the forum ... I love video editing, especially on my country's national football team and supporters, Scotland and the Tartan Army, (so far i'm a bit of an amature I suppose), but I have recently took the next step to video editing by switiching to Sony Vegas 7.0 and so far i'm loving it..

Anyway just a quick question about rendering... How do i know which is the best suitable format to render in? Is it to do with what most of the clips format in a compliation are made up from? Or is it just whatever you want kind of thingg.. I've also rendered at Mpeg 2 before but i have problems with that.. i've read about somthing about having to render sound seperatly from the video or somthing but i'm not sure.

Just looking to gain a bit of confidence in knowing what the best way is to render finished projects for the best quality. As far as effects etc go i'm happy to try learn myself for now..

Any reply is well appreciated, thanks!

This is just some of my work if you are interested.. Wasnt made with Sony Vegas and it isn't as perfect as i would like etc but i'm quite a beginner, still learning, and want to learn more!

YouTube - Scotland Euro 2008 Preview