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Thread: Why does my clip play smoothly?

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    Default Why does my clip play smoothly?

    I'm completely new to video editing, as you'll be able to tell from how basic this question in...
    I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements. I have imported am MP4 clip into the project but when it plays in the 'monitor' it's very delayed and doesn't play smoothly. When I play it in Quicktime , it's fine. Why does this happen?


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    The mp4 file that you have is in a heavily compressed format that, whilst great for distribution, is not very well suited to editing. Your software (and PC) is having to work its knackers off to play it back smoothly.

    My advice is to convert the mp4 file to DV AVI first. Editing programs (and even low-spec PCs) love DV AVI.

    Loads of freebie programs can do this. The flavour of the month seems to be this one:

    SUPER videos

    Download links towards bottom of the page.

    They also have user support forums


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