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Thread: My First Video - Make It Stop

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    Hey guys, just joining the site looking to making more movies and doing this more often. I just wanted to show my first video and see what you guys think. Im 17 and taking a telecommunications class in high school, I made this video to enter into a contest, tell me what you think. Thanks so much, lookin forward to talking to you guys. for the video.


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    Very good, especially if this is one of your first videos. Camera work is pretty shakey, though. Good concept, well thought out. Keep up the good work.

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    Hey thanks so much Yes this is the first short film ive done, looking forward to do a new one this summer. Ya alot was shakey, the exterior van shots I would of loved to reshoot all over because they are total crap. Was havin problems in the begginning with the tripod and fixed it later on, unfortunetly shot all the van driving down the road shots with it broke haha.

    Thanks again


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    Yes, I liked it. Can't get the song out of my head now, just like I couldn't when it was in the charts, but nevermind. It's the right song to use as well. Even after the film has ended, it's almost as if the song is still playing.

    It's nicely put together. The end credits look good too.

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    haha yes it did work out well I know all my friends who watched it said the same thing. Yes I did like the end credits as well, Avid PiP is really fun and professional tool to use, probably should of had them more in frame safe cause its alittle off on some tv's but that's all the fun of learning.

    Thanks so much again, ill be sure to keep you guys updated when I start work on the next video. Workin 7 days a week now with 2 jobs so hopefully I can fit a new one in soon. =) Thanks again


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    I thought it was quite funny

    Good job!

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