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    Question Sony Vegas 7.0 Help

    Hi,For a while now ive been useing Vegas 7.0, but i need help with a few things.Im not sure if there newbie things or not...anyways, well i use Vegas 7.0 for editing counter-strike 1.6 films something thats cool to me.but i have not posted alot of them.Ive been trying to Zoom in and Zoom out slowly.I know one way to zoom in (In Event Pan/Crop) but when i do it, it does not slowly zoom (do not understand? then here....this is what i get: [video=youtube;CwIHkVSAHKY]"]YouTube - Test[/URL] ...and this is what i want to get: YouTube - test1) I also want to know how to do the thing with the eye ( on this link [URL="[/video]) but not the same thing, just how it is done. (i think i know how but not sure, want to see if im right)

    If anyone can help, that would be nice thank you!

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    Do you know how to insert key frames for the track motion under the timeline? This is what you must do.

    When you adjust the track motion a key frame track will appear beneath the track. Double click there and a small diamond will appear, now when you set the track motion it will set it at that point. Insert more points, adjust to taste. Done.

    There are lots more adjustments but once you have mastered the above you should be ok. Setting key frames correctly can be a bit of a mind bender but persevere and you will get the hang.

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    ok, ill give it a try today.Thank you

    ill come back and tell you how it works out.

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    ahhh, ok i got it.

    Thank you very much.

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