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    Just back from holidays and i can't transfer my footage onto DVD. I have a sony HC44 and ulead videostudio 8. Everything seems to be going fine until near the end of the process when a message comes up saying "failed in performing power calibration." Can anybody tell me what this means or how to get round it?

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    I don't own a sony HC44 or ulead videostudio 8, so is the HC44 a mini DV camcorder or a mini DVD camcorder? If it is a mini DV camcorder then the software should have no problem with the file format, you may want to check the capture settings in the software to make sure they are correct for the job you want to do. What is the spec of your computer? Is it a laptop or desktop model and are you running any other software including screensavers or anti virus software? Switch both of these off temporarily to see if it has any effect. Also when was the last time you defragmented your hard disk? It needs to be done on a more regular basis when it comes to working with video than say running microsoft office or working with photos.

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    Thanks, i'll give those things a try and if there is still no joy i'll return to annoy you!

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