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    how do you put a specific color on a peice of the clip insted of the whole entire clip changing color?

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    maybe you can do like this...create a new video track(make the bg colorized which you want) then put it over the other video track which you wanna make colorized then select the video fx pan and crop then execute mask and put it where you want...this is the simple way i can say...i hope that i helped you...

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    Hmmm .. I read this several times and I STILL don't understand what is wanted.

    And now, Serwat you have now given me yet ANOTHER way to interpret this.

    I thought it was the old "Red Rose" at the wedding, with everything else being grey!

    I really need to know more than the initial post is explaining.


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    how do you change the color of the eyes, just the eyes.

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    Depending on the type of footage, the lighting and a zillion other variables doing this could be just plain hard or more likely extreamly difficult to pull off effectively.

    A kind off OTT scary / comedy effect wouldnt be too difficult, but to make it look 'real' may be very fiddly.


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