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Thread: hello newbie to this can someone answer question

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    Default hello newbie to this can someone answer question

    hello all I just bought a sony trv19 with the dv hook up and I was wondering a couple things
    1. is it better to use the dv hook up on the camera or to use the usb
    2. I am using videostuido 7 and when I burn to vcd format the picture is not sharp and the frame rate drops down. Which format should I capture in.
    3. When I capture I use the avi. format when I use the mpeg format to capture when I watch the clip the speed of the video was to fast
    4. What is a good program to start with any recommandtions would be great.
    5. I am getting a dvd burner very soon and is it possible to make dvd quality movies with the camera thanks again sorry about all the question just real new to this.

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    Hello. I am sure there are people here that will be able to help far more than I can. Just to get you started, I believe dv would be better than a usb connection. VCD s use mpeg1 at a relatively low resolution so can seem a blocky or out of focus. Use the highest quality you can to capture as mpeg will cut quality to compesate for disc space. I too have had mpeg captures that look like old newsreels with everything going too fast. I wouldn't mind an answer too that one too! For point 4 and 5, you will need to get an answer from the experts on here as I am a novice at this. I use ulead7, windows movie maker, some horrible s'ware from JVC and some with my analogue cap card called neo dvd, that gave me the too fast captures.
    Good luck.

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