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Thread: My final video - Out of Time

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    Default My final video - Out of Time

    This was my final video for video production. Keep in mind this is a high school class so don't expect anything big. Let me know how it is. If the story is easy to follow. The editing, the filming, and don't even comment on the acting. I know the acting sucks lol. Welp let me know what you think.
    Low Quality Version

    High Quality Version

    Edited using Pinnacle Studio Plus, Version 9.4

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    I would greatly appreciate any feedback

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    There were a lot continuity errors, saw the film camera and tripods a couple times, acting was kinda funny and there were some sound link problems where from one shot there was a plane flying and then the next shot the sound was gone.

    It felt like an in camera edit.
    Also you were walking in one shot and then cut to you starting to walk.

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    ya my editing program isnt very good. Thanks for the feedback.
    I will try to pay more attetion to continuation errors in my next film. And I will pay more attetion to background sounds and other stuff that could affect the video.

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    A couple of tips.

    The acting was awful and the script/story made no sense.

    On the technical side, the sound recording needs improving also the lighting and exposure need looking at.

    I'm sure you had fun making it but, as a viewer, there was little pleasure to be gained from watching it.

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