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    I have a old JVC GR-Fxm15 Compact VHS Tape Camcorder.

    The problem is

    It will only film about 10-15 of film footage.

    I have even tried 2 new batteries, just in case the old battery is broken
    anyway they last as long as the old battery.

    I have also charged the batteries over night, and i still only get 10-15 of film footage.

    Could the Battery Charger be broken even though the light flashes, and stays on, indicating the Battery is charged.

    Faulty batteries? or something wrong with the camcorder it's self?


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    Are they standard batteries or larger ones?

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    Does it really matter what size the batteries are? He's still only getting 10-15 minutes recording, so how old is the JVC GR-Fxm15? What about when you have it plugged into the mains supply?

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    Yes... Depending on the mAh Rating of the battery, it may only have enough capacity for 15 mins anyway. A standard Lithium BN-V battery will only handle 15 mins having to power an LCD Screen or about 30-40 mins with the EVF.

    If Seb is using higher rated batteries, the camera could have a short circuit somewhere.

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