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Thread: Windows Vista - Its current State

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    Has anyone any comments regarding problems of video capture on Windows Vista.

    When I installed my Premier Pro onto my new PC all went fine, apart for Video capture. I can start, stop and play my camcorder (Sony HC32E) OK via the Firewire, but for capturing, I never see any video that I can place onto the Timeline, sometimes when I start the capture it is very fragmented and jumpy. But no files exist for the capture and the application 'hangs'.

    I did try another application, Roxio for the capture, it captured a AVI but not usable in Premier Pro (damaged or bad format).

    Is Premier Pro OK with WIndows Vista?

    Everything works fine on my old PC, so this leads me to think its a Windows Vista problem - are they a solution?

    Many thanks,


    Dimension E521 AMD X2 Processor 4400 (2.3 GHz, 2x512K)
    Video card ATI Radeon X1300 Pro 256MB DVI/VGA output with 1xS-Video Output
    PCI Adapter Card IEEE 1394
    ROXIO Software for Vista - Creator/MYDVD 9.0
    Hard Drive 320 GB Serial ATA (7200 Rpm)
    Windows Vista Home Premium

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    Default Premiere on Vista

    Vista is loaded with traps that prevent users from recording (pirating ?) video for which they do not hold the copyright. This is mainly to prevent people copying and distributing High Definition video from the new formats such as BluRay and HD-DVD. Vista will degrade quality and actually prevent capture and playback of any video stream it suspects is copyrighted. Another problem is that Vista's Aero graphical interface hijacks the video overlay usually used to present video on the screen. Unfortunately, video software not written specifically for Vista will get clobbered by Vista one way or another.
    I assume you are using Premiere Pro 1.5 or 2, so if you can possibly afford the 250 or so to upgrade to Premiere CS3 when it comes out in July, you will find that not only will everythiing work properly in Vista again, but you will also have the heavyweight DVD authoring program Encore and the real-time capture utility OnLocation included in the price.

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    Thanks for the information, I did find that an option to run programs in Compatibility Mode exists. I will try that tonight and run Premier Pro in Windows XP (Service Pack 2) Mode.

    Also the Roxio application that came with this new PC fails to capture video also - well the applications hangs when I press STOP. However the video is playable in Windows Media Player, but not possible to import into Premier Pro 1.5 - Damaged File or Unsupported Format.
    Is this another example of Windows Vista?

    I should have opted for Windows XP.

    I did try and run s/w in the Compatibility Mode, but still the same problem.
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