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    First post...

    I've been asked to burn a single DVD of 2 captured avis (1 hour + 1/2 hour).
    No menus or editing are required.

    Normally I'd edit in Vegas> render> import to DVD Architect> burn to DVD.

    Is there any simple all-in-one programme that will join the avis, then burn to DVD without the need for editing, menus, chapters etc

    I've looked at ImToo DVD Creator, but this makes 2 seperate titles on the completed DVD, which is not what I want.

    My other option would be a simple avi joiner ie. zealot, then burn using DVD Architect.

    Are there any other options to simplify the workflow?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Adobe Encore DVD v2 will allow this.

    In v2 you can add more than one 'asset' to each timeline. You won't be able to transition between them though. It will take AVIs too.

    A bit much for a one-off project though. Of course, you could always download the 30 day trial version and get it done in that.

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    Many thanks for the reply. Don't need to transition. Simplicity is the keyword.
    I didn't go the Encore route.
    After trying a number of software options, I was unimpressed with the compression of video and audio, and ended up using old fave Vegas & DVD Arch.

    You really do get what you pays for!

    Thanks again Alan

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