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    Hi all

    I'm trying to put together a DVD for a presentation at work. I've managed to get it all set up in Vegas Studio 6.0b and then used DVD Architect 3.0 to construct navigation pages etc..

    However, when I play the burnt DVD in my standalone I get crackling audio and the occasional jitter or "crackle" in the image too.

    The crackling audio is really prevalent on the main video file which contains a voiceover track, background music, and the main video track.

    Anyone got any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

    These are some of things I think it could be...

    1) I've burnt the DVD at the standard bitrate of 8, and also tried higher at about 9.5, same problem reoccurs. I've also tried burning at the lowest rate my burner will do (2x) but the problem persists. What setting will should I be at for bitrate and burn speed?

    2 ) Is it because of the levels of the rendered video audio tracks? I went back after I first had the problem and rerendered at a reduced volume using the master volume control in vegas (about -12 decibels IIRC). Still lots of crackling on the voiceover. Should I rerender again but deliberately reduce the voiceover track volume level even more?

    3) I wanted to actually render the movie as a seperate MPEG 2 stream and the audio as AC3 for best results, but apparently my version of Studio (which I only bought two months ago) can't do it, only the newest 7.0 version of Studio has AC3 encoding. So instead I rendered as MPEG 2 PAL DVD and let Architect rerender the audio when it came to burning... could this be the problem? Can I render the audio track seperately as an mp3 or something else and will Architect still render it to ac3 for me?

    So you see my concern, there are several things which my amateur video brain is telling me could be responsible for the poor audio. Anyone able to narrow it down? Or suggest another possible reason for the crackling?

    I'm just off to try it in another DVD player just to make sure it isn't my player, but would welcome swift replies. I've put a lot of work into this project (as i'm sure we all do when it comes to these things) so would hate for it to fall foul of crackles at the last hurdle!



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    Scratch all of the above, when I played the DVD on a couple of newer models (no more than 2 years old) the DVD played perfectly with all audio intact.
    Must have just been my DVD player (which is nearly 7 years old). Obviously can play DVD-r but doesn't like it too much!

    Time to get a new one methinks!

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    I use 3 DVD players to test my Discs and one is 7 years old. The 7 year ol;d one is the first one to be tested on and if it doesnt pass i usually go back and fix it. Older players are the best to test on as they show up the most errors that cheap authoring packages produc so its best to keep your old one as a guide and work on simplifying how your discs are authored.

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