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    Default pool videos


    ive just started (3 weeks ago) to make pool videos

    full lenght vids can be found at

    (need to register for the full lenght games but short clips can be viewed on the home page)

    at the mo the editing is as basic as it gets but in time i hope to give it more time and make it better (may need better software first)

    feel free to comment (good or bad)


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    If you want people to watch your videos then link them directly - you are asking alot of people to register to see the full vids which i certainly am not going to do and most people on this site wont either. Dont take that to heart - its jus plain truth, people cant be arsed having to log in to watch stuff.

    i watched the top vid on the news page -
    while the angle is great it is a little dull to have the same angle for all the videos.
    The colour is quide dull and placid - play with the colour correction tools to lift it a little.
    try speeding up the longer sequences. - In editing shorter is ALWAYS better.

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    thanks i did have a go at cutting sum of the bits with nothing happning but from a pool point of view it kinda lost the point (hard to explain)

    i wanna get 2 cameras so i can get more angles (money issues)

    how do i play around with the colour stuff u mentioned?


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    to be fair theres no need to watch the full version ne way hardly ne thing done to them

    how would i get graphics to sit on the screens ie score board and player names ect

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    What software are you using?

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    windows movie maker trying to keep it as cheap as poss

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