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    Default overlaying text and pictures

    hi all

    im VERY new to this video editing stuff but am quite keen to learn

    i have a web site that will be showing videos of pool matchs and clips

    ive found a place to host my full leght vids up to a hour and have 3 on htere now

    the few people that have watched them have asked for the score of the match and what colours each player each to be displayed on screen while the vid is playing

    i want to do this but im not sure how

    im using windown movie maker at the mo as it is free
    is there a way of doing it with that or are there ne free software out there that can?

    i may be willing to spend a small amount of software but id rather not as id like to prove that this can all be done for hardly ne money at all (borrowed home camcorder ect)

    cheers in advance

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    so is this not as easy i thought it was? all i wanna achive is some like the what the snooker on TV does with the score at hte bottom


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    Oh, it's easy enough to overlay graphics on your video.

    All you have to do is create your graphic in Photoshop (or whatever) with an alpha channel (i.e. a transparent background) and then use a non linear editor that support multiple layers.

    place your videi on the first layer and you graphic on the second layer. Job done.

    the trick is for you to create all your graphics one at a a time and sync them.

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    There's not many people around here (I don't believe) using windows movie maker. It's very limited to what you can do with graphics.

    From memory.

    Somewhere in one of the menu's is a titles option, in here you can choose to put the titles over the video.

    Then there are options to change how the text looks or animates, maybe look around in there and see if anything is any good to you.


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    There's a 30 day free trial of Ulead Video Studio 11 on their website with a pdf manual of how to use it, overlaying images is easy, just create some small sqaures of colour in MSPaint or photoshop, import them into UVS11, add them to the overlay track one by one, each in a different overlay, You shouldn't need to mask or chroma key since they are just square shapes, resize them in the video preview to get them the size that you want, then drag them to the area of the video that you want. Click text, type in each players name as a separate text overlay, position the text wherever you want on the video preview. Done. Just click share, dvd settings or whatever quality you want, & save.

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    looks like im going to have to invest in some decent software (any one know the super cheap stuff)

    thanks all

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    For now you can use the Ulead Video Studio 11 free trial for 30 days, but there were a few sellers on ebay of it for cheap.

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