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Thread: Routine Breaks, my first film

  1. Default Routine Breaks, my first film


    I finally managed to get a version of my final film onto the internet.
    Its just over 13mins and 24mb so im not sure if it will work on slower conections.

    There isnt any dialogue and its not exactly the simplest plot.

    Anyway, im really interested in what people think of it.
    Its also a dark film so you might need the lights out.

    You can view it on my myspace page if that doesnt work try the direct link below.

    MySpace Videos: Routine Breaks by Richard

    I hope you enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rgrebby View Post
    ive not had a chance to watch it through online yet, so I hope the quality is ok.
    Never ever EVER do this - Would you send a tape/dvd to a potential employer without checking it?

    An animator friend of mine got work from his YouTube page. He had some stuff up there that a guy liked and he sent him a message. He was always sure to make sure the vidoes looked as good as he could get them before making them public.

    The Video: Maybe cause its late is the reason i got bored. i got about 2/3mins in and gave up. The story and narrative just seemed soooo slow.
    The sound was excellent and the picure was good too if a little dark in some places and lacking in sufficient contrast in others.

    generally though - a good job!

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    Thanks, I'd like to know what you think if you manage to stick through it all the way to the end.
    It is a slow film but the slowness is there because of the kind of person the film is about. The speed does grow as he starts spiralling out of control.

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    Very creative. Good use of color and images to convey the story - although without your description, it would have been tough to follow. You really did a good job, I'm very sorry to say that I couldn't finish it. I watched about half.

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    It all comes together in the end, the twist in the plot is revealed and hopefully comes full circle.

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    It is very slow. Unfortunately too slow, especially in the dark bits. You're trying to build up an atmosphere but all you're doing is building up the viewer's boredom. On the positive side there were a number of nice, subtle DVEs.

    The sound is top notch, amongst the best I've heard from an "amateur" production. Ten out of ten for the effects and background sounds, especiall in stereo. The soundtrack is also well edited to the images.

    Unfortunately it's a bit pretentious, rather than moody. You've got a lot of good film-making techniques tho'

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    Thanks for the info, it was my first serious film and im glad that the sound comes across as good. The DVD version is a lot brighter and you can pick up more detail. We wanted to add music over the top but there was a problem with making our own music since we couldnt use royalty music.

    Excuse my stupidity though, but what are DVEs?
    Im sure I know but maybe Im having a dumb moment.

    Today we also managed to win the Canterbury Best Student short Film at the Orange street music club, which was a bonus.

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    Congratulations, it certainly deserves a lot of praise.

    DVE = Digital Video Effect, like the bit where you desaturated all the colours except for the red dress.

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    Ahh, that makes sense :p Yeah we wanted to show the girl who is part of his drug induced world to start encroaching into his reality. We used red because it has a tendency to bleed on TV screen which again works with the dream world and reality coming together aspect.

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