Picked up loads of tips on this site.......thanks guys.

Now i have a problem i can not mend at the moment. I am using Adobe Premiere Elements and have just finished a movie and when i burn to disk, the following error message comes up;

API\Inc\Be/Audio/Audiosub buffer.h-ios

Now.... i have;
Turned off all other applications and screen savers
Put the DVD writer speed to x4
I have 120GB left on my machine
I do not use any other programmes when burning.
The movie is an hour long, full of mini DV footage, mp3 and the usual disolves etc.
The movie is about 3.5GB in size
The same problem happens when i burn to folder, not tried file yet.

Bit of a novice, just like shooting movies and putting them to music, normal average Joe material but enjoy it and looking forward to getting on Premiere Pro soon.

Any help... much appreciated. Man with the gun espicially!

Cheers guys

aged 34 1/2