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Thread: Split screen problem

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    Default Split screen problem

    Hi, I followed the instructions in 1 of the posts on this site for having split screen video in adobe premiere pro. I have scaled down the 2 clips to 49% and have arranged them so they are nect to each other but when i have encoded the final clip, 1 of the 2 videos seems to be jerky. The clip on the left runs smoothly but the 1 on the right seems to jump quite a bit. Does anyone know how to prevent this? Thanks in advance, steve

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    Either crop the top of the video or try right clicking, selecting field options, then flicker removal.
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    Hi Marc, cheers for the help. I tried the flicker removal but I'm still getting the same problem. how would I go about cropping the top of the video?

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    I assume it's just the top and botoom of the vid that seem jumpy. You can crop the top and/or bottom of by dropping the crop effect onto the video in the timeline.
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    The problem is that the video on the right just doesn't run smoothly. The video on the left runs smoothly but the one on the right pauses and skips frames so just generally appears "jerky". I was thinking that maybe its a memory issue?? I have 384mb of ram. I understand that you generally need a lot of ram to edit videos. Do u think this may be the reason?

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    Could be. That RAM is a little low. A way you might be able to get round it is by rendering that section of the video as a clip. (Stretch that yellow thing over the area that you want to export and then go export>timeline>movie clip). If it's a memory issue it should be OK once you render it. Once you've done that, you can just stick the rendered clip in one of the overlay tracks over the top of the clips in question.
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    Cheers for the help Mick but I'm still getting the jerky video problem. I think I'm just gonna buy a load more RAM and hope that fixes the problem. Thanks anyway, Steve

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    I dont think Ram will fix this problem (it will however make premier run more smoothly).

    What is the footage that skips of? Is it a still or normal video?

    Do the two clips have the same properties (resolution, pixel ratio etc)?

    What fx if any are applied to the jumpy clip?


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    Hi Tonga

    The footage is normal video - it is one of my mates running, filmed with 2 cameras. I want to be able to put the 2 different views alongside each other.

    Both videos are captured at exactly the same quality using Ulead Video Studio - 720x576 at 25fps.

    No FX have been applied to the clips and I export the full video as a Microsoft DV video.

    Cheers, Steve

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    Hi again

    I was just wondering, could the reason the video isn't encoding properly be due to my graphics card? I have an NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 card with 64mb or RAM.

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