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Thread: Help Me get some extra credit please !crossfades!

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    Default Help Me get some extra credit please !crossfades!

    I need to learn to use support forums for a multimedia class... and I am supposed to ask the following to get a response

    what is a crossfade? are there more than one way to use/apply this setting?

    help much appreciated!

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    Without me wishing to appear to be disingenuous, my feedback to you, as your stated purpose in arriving here, is to to learn HOW to use Support Forums, is to consequently ask you: This being a Support Forum for SONY NLE Products and Media Studio do you have a question related to the use (and as I use SONY products) of one of the SONY products listed here?

    In framing my reply in the form of a "question", was an attmept by me to make sure you wouldn't waste any time? Now, does this help you in understanding how to use support forums? I would surely hope so?

    Best regards


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