Having been struggling the last few years with Premier Pro 1.5 on my old PC, I finial replaced by old PC with a Dell Dimension E521, 2Gb memory and a 320Mb hard drive and a IEEE 1394 card and running Vista.

However when I installed my Premier Pro onto my new PC all went fine, apart for Video capture. I can start, stop and play my camcorder via the Firewire OK, but for capturing, I never see any video that I can place onto the Timeline, sometimes when I start the capture it is very fragmented and jumpy. I dont get a running report of the frames captured either and sometime I hear sound but see no video on the capture monitor screen.
Now I assume that nothing needs installed for my Sony Camcorder and the Firefire card?

As on my old PC I did start off using USB and installed some Sony drivers for this! My old PC works OK regarding video capture and that is the only difference I can see between the two PCs.

Many thanks,