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Thread: Help Please! vegas 4 motion distortion

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    Default Help Please! vegas 4 motion distortion

    I have been using Vegas Video 4.0 for a while and this is the first time I have had this problem. I am not an expert with computers so if you reply please explain as simply as possible. I am going to try to describe my problem as best as I can.

    I captured from a mini dv through microsoft moviemaker so I am editing down several 15-20min clips.

    in vegas video 4.0 in the preview after everything is edited I wanted to export to an .avi file in widescreen format. For some reason the motion is getting distorted, mostly on things that are fast moving. Where I would expect the image to be blurry the image is streaked where I can actually see the bars where usually a kind of blurred streak would be.

    I usually just export to NTSC DV and windows movie file .avi and it works fine. For some reason it keeps putting these thin bar streaks across my image. When played back on the computer or on the tv. I went back and checked the original files that I was editing from and those do not have it, they seem fine.

    please give me any help you can. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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    Please confirm and report back here your Project settings.

    GO >> File > Properties >Video



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    Default settings

    template: ntsc dv 720x480 29.970fps
    width: 720
    height: 480
    field order: lower field first
    pixel aspect ratio: 0.9091 [ntsc dv]
    frame rate: 29.970 ntsc
    full resolution rendering quality: good
    motion blur type: gaussian
    deinterlace method: blend fields

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    When I import 16x9 widescreen footage I set my Vegas Project up in Widescreen. Have you?

    When I finish editing and make an MPEG for DVDA and then IMPORT to DVDA I also set up the DVDA project up as widescreen too. Have you?

    When I do this I don't have a problem.

    Tell me, why DID you import via windows moviemaker and not Vegas4 Capture software?



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    i am using vegas on a faster computer this time rather than all the other times I have used it. For some reason the vegas capture was making my video skip and drop tons of frames. So i decided to just capture through moviemaker, which unfortunately doesn't break into different clips, it just keeps them as one large file.

    i may have done this completely wrong, but when i export, i usually just export via Ntsc dv rather than ntsc dv widescreen because when i use the widescreen setting and print to tape and play it on a tv, it stretches the image rather than leaving the black bars on top and bottom the way i want.

    the widescreen is seems to be working fine the way i want it. its just this stupid streaky bars i am getting. would it help if i sent a picture so you know what i am talking about? i mean, if the widescreen import/export settings are the cause of the problem then i guess im screwed. is there anyway to export .veg files into diferent editing softward/?

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    I'm sorry.

    V4 works for me - Edit and Capture.

    I don't get chopped up media.

    I don't do your 16x9 process so I can't comment or be of any further assistance. Maybe somebody else has an idea?



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