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Thread: Night video with motion sensor

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    Default Night video with motion sensor

    Hi Folks,

    Boy I'm I a newbie, held a camcoder twice.
    Looking to buy a camcorder to video the numerious animals that visit our garden at night, no matter what we leave out at night it's gone in the morning.

    So yes you guessed it, want to video the night life.

    Looking for a comcorder with motion sensor and good night viewing.

    I've been trawling the net and it seems that this can be achieved with shutter speeds or IR or IR lighting (external). Would also like motion detector so I can just capture when the action happens.

    Any recommendations for camcorder which fits the bill. MiniDV seems quite good value for money, I little old technology wise but still seems very popular and good quality.

    So looking for a minDV camcorder, with good shutter speed or IR for night viewing and motion sensor to capture the main event.


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    I would think just about any dv camera with a 'night shot' function will do the trick.

    Not so sure about the motion sensor bit - none of my (3) cameras have that, others might.

    My way of doing this sort of thing is just to shoot a whole tape and then look through for good stuff.

    I would think that unless a motion sensor is properly set up it may be more trouble than it's worth, especially if it is not built in to the camera, just a hunch.

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    You could try combining a DV camera with a PC and some motion sensing software.

    I recently had to install a USB webcam for someone. The software that came with it included some type of motion sensing software. Now I know that webcams are crap for picture quality, but camcorders can be used as webcams instead.

    Some camcorders specifically have a USB webcam streaming function built in. Others can be used in conjunction with specific webcam software, such as webcamDV, by Orangeware.

    Using a combination setup like this could allow you to capture footage all night long. You wouldn't be limited to a 1 hour DV tape duration (and please don't be tempted to go 'long play', without testing to see if you can capture long-play recorded footage first), but it will take some setting up.

    The alternative is just to use the camera in isolation, as Mark suggests. You will just have to keep your fingers crossed that your dinner party guests turn up promptly!

    As for a camera recommendation, this one looks good, but it doesn't have an accessory shoe:

    Canon UK - MVX460

    320 - 370

    Compare Canon MVX460 Prices - PriceRunner UK

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    All the panasonic mini dv camcorders i've had have had IR and a motion sensor built in. (NV-GS series)

    I tried this out looking into my back garden (use mains power instead of batteries). All I ever got were shots of my cat :-/

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