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    I know my problem has been covered before. When I try to put video clips from my camcorder into Vegas to edit, only audio shows up with a black screen. I know that youre supposed to convert to avi, even if it already is an avi, and this works and allows me to edit in Vegas and everything. But when I do this, instead of a small folder with 10 clips only amounnting to around 21 mb, it turns into a folder with again 10 clips, taking up around 400 mb. With the amount of clips I have(alot more than 10,with more being added every so often), I'm sure to run out of space eventually. Is there another solution to my problem? Thank you.
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    External Hard Drives are incredibly cheap now. Why not buy one to store the files?.

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    true, true.
    But I really dont feel like buying a 100 dollar hard drive
    just for this.
    Like, right now, im sure i have more than enough room to store all of these on my hardrive.
    But, again, is there any other way?
    Like if not, ill just store them on my hard drive like normal.

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