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Thread: "OLD MOVIE" effect for Premiere Pro 1.5

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    Default "OLD MOVIE" effect for Premiere Pro 1.5

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to achieve the "OLD MOVIE" effect on Premiere Pro 1.5? I cannot find the appropriate effect to achieve the dust, scratches and lines going through the screen which are so typical for old movies. Thanks a lot!

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    I have the same software, but had to resort to good old Windows Movie Maker when I wanted to achieve the same effect.

    There are plugins that you can get for Premiere, but Movie Maker was more than good enough at producing this effect.

    1. Export the section of video that you want to alter out of Premiere as a DV AVI file.

    2. Import said file into Movie Maker.

    3. Apply one of the 3 Film Age effects to suit. You could also add Sepia (clips can have multiple effects applied to them). Just have a play.

    4. Export result as DV AVI

    5. Re-import into Premiere.

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    Feel free to use this one. It's done on a green background so no problem for PP 1.5

    It's in WMV format because the uncompressed AVI file was too big to upload.
    (15 seconds so just loop if necessary)
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    Thanks, that was helpful!!!!!!

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    Thank you TTQK, I really could use that effect =)

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    Misfire, part of magic bullet has the best aging fx I know of.

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    i passed through a tutorial on making this effect on Premiere. It's not like in moviemaker with only one filter. you have to use a few video effects to get to the wanted stage. google it 'cause i can't find the tutorial :(

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