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Thread: 2 minute contest entry - The Secret mind movie

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    Default 2 minute contest entry - The Secret mind movie

    Hey folks,

    This little movie started because the owner of is having a contest. In the course of creating it, I really enjoyed myself and found that I was encouraged and motivated as well.

    Here's the premise of The Secret and this video - if you've ever cut out a picture of a sports car or a sandy beach and stuck it on your desk, you've basically put to use what The Secret preaches; that is, thoughts become things, and you can have whatever you put your mind to.

    Anyways, even if you think the Secret is a load of new age crap I hope you'll enjoy my movie. I'm hoping it stands out a bit from the other WMM entries. Strong feedback is very welcome.


    YouTube - The Secret - My Mind Movie - The Law Of Attraction

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    Feedback, anyone?

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    Wow! - nice concept, thoughts and montages. Must admit I was looking for more impact on the ending though. Nice work.

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    Thank you for your feedback! I can appreciate that you were expecting more of an impact towards the end. Any idea how I could have accomplished that, or what you would have liked to see? Thanks again!

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    That was iight i just wasn't wowed about it but hey i see you know what your doing so do your thing
    We are ready to shock the world

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