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Thread: Need Help ASAP Please Read

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    Default Need Help ASAP Please Read

    I have a video to come out in a few fays, but I cant edit the clips.
    For some reason, all of them are white and it doesnt show me what Im working with. All the boxes are to size, they are all just white, blank.

    Can anybody help me fix this?

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    Can you PLAY the white boxes - or Events?

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    Yes I can, but it is difficult to find the different clips I am using for editing, I have to search each one to find the right clip which is slowing me down tremendously. i know its probably just a display button I clicked accidentaly but i cant figure out how to fix it

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    lol all my boxes are red.......zoom in all the way and wait for vegas to read them....

    if not then import the original tracks as new tracks and mute them, and hope vegas reads them....

    did u move the original files???

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    nope, didnt move them, and i zoomed in that didnt seem to help.

    i remember playing around the other day with some stuff and i probably hit a display button of some sort, not sure what yet though

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    Try Ctrl/Shift on Vegas start up to reset Vegas default settings.

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