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Thread: Brand New - 2 Beginner Questions

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    Hi, I'm brand new to video and even more so to an attempt to try to edit. I have the Vegas 7 version and would really appreciate some beginner help for the question

    1. Part of my first video has my "thumb" in certain scenes. I've tried selecting the thumb portion in the timeline using the basic select tool and then deleting, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. Could one of the more experienced folks give me a hint in terms of which tool/function would be best to use to edit out certain parts of the video?

    Any recommendations in terms of the best beginner books or references that would make this learning curve somewhat shorter?

    Thank you.

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    Go to where your thumb first appears, and immediately before it does, press "s" to split the clip, then do the same immediately after your thumb exits stage left, and you will now have your original clip in 3 parts - Pre Thumb - Thumb - After Thumb, selct the middle section and delete, then drag section 3 to be adjacent to section 1 and voila you have snipped out the bit you didnt want.


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    Default Editing

    Thank you very much... I will give it a try. Appreciate your taking the time to respond!

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