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Thread: Vegas 7 Media Library - File name changes

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    Default Vegas 7 Media Library - File name changes

    I had about 100 video clips in my video directory, all with Vegas' default name: clip xxx.m2t.

    Yesterday, I changed all the names to better describe each clip, and I can view the new names using Vegas 7 explorer and Internet Explorer.

    But now my media library is full of "offline" files. I've been trying to delete each one, but that requires 2 separate delete actions for each file.

    Is there a better way to delete the old file names that don't exist anymore, and to refresh the media library to pick up the newly named files? (which, btw have also been moved to a new directory on an external HD because they were begining to eat up too much space on the internal drive)

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    Default 2nd request

    I recieved no replies to my query to date, so I'm asking again.

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    I'm still learning the intricacies of Media manager File Management. renaming and updating is something I've approach with much trepidation.

    Sorry . .

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    Thanks for your reply Grazie.

    Looks like I should have approached it with more trepidation also

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    Well, this MAY not be your experience, but what I did was to search for files that I KNEW weren't connected to my PC - they reside on an external Firewire drive and I had NOT connected that drive - yet. And, yes they appeared with a red line through them. That is what should happen.

    So I then connected the drive and they still remained "Offline". OK, I'd expect that. I then used the Media Manager Options - this is located within the Drop Down menu on the MAIN MM Search Results Toolbar. In this Drop Down I clicked on the "Media Library" tab and without checking the "Ignore files dates . . " I hit the UPDATE button. Be warned this takes time!! Mine took a good 10 minutes - first time around, but then it was quicker.

    After it had finished all the previously red line files were "seen" as being online.

    Now, I ain't suggesting that this IS your experience, however, if you think about it, Media Manager will NOT know you have changed the files you are NOW using within a project. Yes, change the file names. Yes, substitute these files with those that you had previously used. But how would MM know you had used these files, with new file names, instead? All I'm suggesting is that an update may just do that for you? Yeah?

    As I said, with my experiment, I FORCED an update after I reconnected my drive. Maybe this experiment was unnecessary as, IF, I had had the External Drive connected in the FIRST place I would have had success anyway??!? But having done the Update process it DID resurrect the files when I did a search.

    Now, there IS a Default setting that you might wish to check. I bet it IS checked, as you haven't said files and usage AREN'T being updated - see? Anyways have you this engaged or not:

    GO >> Options > Preferences > General > "Save media-usage relationships in active media library"

    I need to experiment MORE with MM - I really should - it is a VERY powerful and for me a truly valuable asset in this suite of software.


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    I just tried that but it didn't change anything, maybe because I changed all the file names and moved the new files to an external drive by using explorer, so it couldn't find/relate the old file names because they no longer exist.

    I'm now in the process right-clicking each red-lined file and deleting them individually, so the media manager is cleaned up.

    Then I'll try to find a way to MM it to the right directory

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    When you changed the file names did you do that in Vegas or in Windows Explorer while vegas was not running??

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    If I remember correctly, I believe I did it from the 'exlporer' window within Vegas 7. And since then I've manually deleted all the files with the red lines thru them.

    So now I think my next task is to redirect the media manager to the find the external hard drive directory where I have moved all the renamed files. I'm not sure yet how to do that?

    Also I'm not really clear about the major differences between the media manager, which now now longer shows the files, and the explorer tab in Vegas where I can easily see those files.
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    Now I'm in the process of trying to add video clips to the media manager. After pointing to the directory that has the clips, and clicking on 'add files' it takes about 10 min to get about 56% thru, then an error message pops up and says that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. So I then let it send it's error message on to microsoft... and Vegas shuts down.

    I'm getting ready to just move on, forget trying to keep the MM up-to-date, and just import clips as I need them.

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