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    Question YouTube Misadventures

    Aloha. After reading the pretty informative YouTube topic i decided to try that on my own. I guess it's a bit different case, cause i work on game movies -> captured with fraps but w/e.
    Here's a from my movie rendered with the wmv/1mb/320x240/30 frames/sec settings and the result is pretty unsatisfying. Blurry, pixelated picture and the ugly 1/2 sec delay between adio/video. I guess the sync problem is because the wmv codec doesn't save the aduio as mp3.
    Now I try to render it with mp4 settings but the damn thing don't let me set the frame size at 425x318 and allways pre-set it to 430x325.

    So, to make it clear - does it matter and what you think about the sync problem. Feedback appreciated

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    1. if fraps is using its own codec it might be best if u swap it for a lossless codec/uncompressed if you system can handle the larger file size and encoding. after all what goes in will come out.

    2. youtube has gone to the dog with re encoding might want to send youtube divx/xvid render

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    1. Fraps does no compression or whatsoever. It records huge avi files with perfect quality.
    2. You mean mpg/mp4 i guess
    The questions about the audio/video sync and why i cant modify the resulotion to exactly 425x318 remain.

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    you can send youtube whatever size u want it will just convert to flash at 320x240. and right now it s having troubles with wmv, since my karaoke clips are out of sync when the wmv on my system looks great. So test it by sending a divx/xvid render instead of wmv

    as for mp4 i am not sure about standard size, but if sony has a preset, i trust it to be "the" standard, since they are driving the standardization lol

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