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Thread: MPG file size huge in DVD architect....

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    Default MPG file size huge in DVD architect....

    Hi guys

    Relatively new to Vegas and these forums. Have been lurking for the last few days and alot of the information contained here has been a godsend but I'm having real problems with rendering that I haven't been able to find an answer for though using the search facility.

    I have a project captured from my JVC camcorder which is 1 hour and six minutes in length. I have rendered first in PAL architect template and also in AAC for the audio.

    The size of the first render is, according to windows, 2.82gb. However when I add this as a media file in DVD architect, it balloons to 4.3gb. I was hoping to fit approx 2 hours worth of footage onto this DVD so this will obviously present a big problem.

    I understand the 'prepare' options regarding lowering the bitrate but I'm first of all trying to understand why Architect would increase the file size so much and wondering if there is anyway around this?

    Thanks in advance for any help you could give.

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    DVD architect i think will fill out a FULL DVD to max 4.3 Gb.....

    and i dont think u should pre-render prior to insert into architect, because architect will then re-render again.

    I am sure architect can accept DV format straight from your camera, add titles and menus and then get vegas to render to VOBs.

    So if you want to add more to the DVD just add more clips in architect and it would reduce the bitrate to fill the DVD. (it increased your bitrate to go from 2Gb to 4 Gb)

    Other guru will correct me on this if am incorrect
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