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    Default Workstation cards

    what are the good workstation cards

    I kno a lot about mainstream gpus but absolutely nothing about workstation cards....

    I see that MArc has a 9280, which when i looked up is just a modified ti4200
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    I bought that specific card as a cheap way into dual DVI, plus it had VIVO. As I'm not a hard core gamer, I wasn't worried about high end 3D performance. It's not a card specific to video editing, and I still haven't got an additional monitor. Infact it's sitting amongst all my other unused PC components at the mo (I'm now using the Radeon 9600XT I'd bought for my HTPC - again, just another mid range card!)

    The semi pro rigs use one of the Matrox range of cards: for the best 2D performance and multiscreen support...
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    I don't know how they perform in comparison with the Matrox cards, but I've heard that the FireGL series by ATI is a great workstation line.

    They're not that expensive in the lower end; there's even a FireGL version of the Radeon 9600.
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