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Thread: Advice on converting Video to DVD

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    Default Advice on converting Video to DVD

    Hi All,

    I'm sure this topic has been raised before so appoligies for the repetition but I can't seems to find anything relevant.

    To save my marriage I need to convert my Video collections into DVDs. At present the videos contents are not organize so I thought I kill 2 birds with one stone by doing the conversion and organizing the DVD into appropriate chapters (the video are full of my kids' cartoons).

    This is where the problem start. What is the best (and cheapest) approach? I was informed that I really need DVD-R as that has the best editing facility. Then someone suggested getting a DVD recorder with a Hard Disk. Then someone suggested putting the Video on my PC...

    What I don't want to do is to sit through 3 hours of viewing the Video content serially. What I want is to store the content onto a suitable format which lets me edit at my leisure.

    Hope you can help.

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    Sounds like you're gonna get into video editing on a PC my friend! And it also sounds like you're gonna need a place to start to learn some info. Head over to and read some of the getting started guides!

    Oh, and welcome to the forums
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    I guess I'll need to do some reading over the Christmas period!

    Thanks for the advice.

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    I still have a lot of gripes in the conversion field myself but I've found to be of ultimate help in learning.
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    That's probably the definitive resource for the more techie aspects of encoding converting etc.

    And welcome to the forums bit.heed, hope to see you (and your knowledge ) around the forums...
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