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    can someone help me on how to make this text, when it starts to jitter and blur alittle. thanks

    YouTube - Travis Pastrana by Afonsocascais

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    Nice TEXT project that!

    Well, there are many MANY things going on. And, IMO, none of which are impossible within Vegas.

    I always feel it is useful to:

    A] NOTE just what I am seeing

    B] ANALYSE how this can be interpreted within Vegas

    C] EXPERIMENT with looping as I make small changes


    A] Note

    i) I can see Jitter

    ii) I can see Blur

    iii) I can see Stretch

    iv) I can see Motion Blur


    Jitter : Film Effects Fx. In there is a WHOLE bunch of Grunge-up options. Be warned, a LITTLE goes a long way!! Pan/Crop. Apply tiny movements to the "F"-rame. To really get going with this do a few keyframe diamonds and then copy/paste them back a little displaced in time to the keyframe timeline. Then repeat the copy/paste.

    Blur Gaussian Blur Fx. This is great! Just use the Horizontal range, but DO experiment with vertical too! Linear Blur This allows for angular Blurring. Do THIS over time and you WILL be blown away! Motion blur Video Bus FX. Once you HAVE some outrageous movement going on, get down to the bottom part of the MAIN Timeline and insert a Motion Blur Envelope and get going! Light Rays ( oooh that's rather BAD! . .or s that FAT nowadays?)

    Stretch - Tracking in Text Event Properties; Deform Fx;

    Much to do!

    Smashing project! Oh yes! Do remember, I CAN save this as a Plug-in CHAIN and then repeat it in the future! ALSO, keeping the Text Event you can just EDIT the words!

    For me, this would take me about 10 minutes. This is just an indication as to how GOOD Vegas is. Keep Looping and you will SEE your atemps come about almost immeadiately. Again - A VEGAS VIRTUE!


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    thanks, but i only have vegas platinum and i dont think it has jitter. is there any other way i can simulate that? and also, seems like everyone has the vegas suit, the full version. i figured 130 buks would be a decent program, but now im finding out alot of the really good stuff is on the full version. is it worth it, and how do people pay for it? u get it cheaper? or do u just pay for it because its ur hobby. maintaining a dirt bike is expensive and thats y i thought the full version was way out of question.

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    heres what i have come up with, just from guasian blur. is there anything i should add to make it better?

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    Cool Maybe...

    Well, you could watch this tutorial YouTube - Ayumilove Sony Vegas Sparkling 3D Text Tutorial
    It's not exactly what you want but it is similar.
    This is the text i made with the tutorial from above: YouTube - 3-D Text In Sony Vegas Trial
    Hope that helped


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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisw91 View Post
    thanks, but i only have vegas platinum
    I've got Movie Studio Platinum 6 loaded (alongside 8 Pro) and that has Jitter (and I think it always has done - I don't think it's because v8 loaded it)
    As Grazie said it's within the "Sony Film Effects", towards the bottom, there's a checkbox and a drop-down with different types of "particles" you can add. Use the dropdown and you'll see "jitter" as one of the options. There's also "flicker" which may be of use in this exercise.

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisw91 View Post

    and how do people pay for it? u get it cheaper? or do u just pay for it because its ur hobby
    Many contributors here use it professionally. A few extra pounds invested can mean a massive saving in time (and hence opportunity to earn more).
    Personally it's my hobby. I bought Vegas Pro.

    But I don't have a bike.

    You pays yer money and you takes yer choice.

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