I got a new camera and I filmed myself doing some Magic for about 47 seconds. The file came out as an m2t file. Like always the program that comes with the camera cant do anything useful, I had to get another program to convert those files so I can share them. And even that program can only convert to MPEG cause I have to buy some other thing from Apple if I want to convert to AVI. Then I ran into the problem of the file being too big. Its about 47 seconds and 150 megs. I looked everywhere for a program that might be able to resize my video so I can share it. I cant find anything. I really don't want to pay 20 bucks for some small program. I found a great one but ofcourse it can only resize AVI files. Anyone have any suggesting as to what I should do, maybe not resize it but make my video smaller so its not 150 megs. Thanks for any help.