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    I am working writing music for film and television and have some little projects I want to finish up.

    Basically, I'm looking for a cheap or free program that will allow me to cut scenes, remove audio, and add my own audio to them. Preferably something that will let me edit divx files since that's what my dvd ripper rips them to. I've done this type of editing before, but I had to convert it so many times in the process that the end product looked like crap.

    I have DVD Santa to burn it back onto a dvd.

    Eventually, I may want to do a little bit more advanced video editing when I explore multimedia, so if anyone has any ideas in regards to software for me in the future, that would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Now that I think about it, I think the ripper I use turns them into VOB files.

    ...yeah...I'm still really new to this video editing thing...

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    Following on from another post, have you used Windows Movie Maker 2? It will do all the editing you want but I'm not certain if it can save or export the finished file as DivX. If that doesn't do what you are looking for then download some of the many 30 day trial versions of the more expensive software, most are fully functional and will give you an idea of what each can do. Then after having used a few of them, you can make up your mind about which one is best. Try and avoid using VOB files right until the end when you go to burn a final DVD, use DV AVI, usually the Microsoft version, which seems to be very popular at present. It gives the best picture quality with little compression.

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