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    I am looking to replace my Sony TRV 950E. Want to start shooting and editing HDV. But I don't want to loose the 3CCD the 950E has. Also, the camera needs to be handy as I would feel too nerdy filming with a Large Sony HDR-FX1 on a holiday. Also, I want to record to tape (not harddisk) as I film A LOT before editing and throwing away 90%.

    So my requirements are:
    * Handycam size
    * HDV
    * 3CCD
    * recording to mini dv tape

    Don't care about
    * still pictures
    * camera editing

    Haven't been able to find a camera on the market fitting the bill. The JVC GZ-MC500 is close but it records to harddisk. No good. Sony's bet is HDR-HC7E but it isn't 3CCD.

    Have I missed something in the marketplace? or will I need to compromise?

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    I cannot think of any miniDV 3-chip palm-sized HDV camera. Many of the palm-sized models are opting for CMOS sensors and I've yet to see more than one of these deployed in a camera. The closest I found was the Panasonic HDC-SD1EG-S (Panasonic UK - HDC-SD1EG-S High Definition), but this too fails the miniDV requirement.

    I know the 950 is legendary for its picture quality, but if size really is important to you (and not all of us FX1-sized camera users are nerds!!), then I'd be telling myself to give CMOS a chance (or at least a trial run) and not be so fixated on 3 chips.

    Of course if money is no option, then I'd recommend a mid- and palm-sized combo....hmmm a Canon XH-A1 for times when being a nerd is OK and a HV20 for when I'm on holiday.....

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    Thanks for your reply. I didn't want to have a go at all with FX1 sized cameras.
    But as I do most (if not all) my recordings on holiday or at family get-togethers you answered my question in the last line.

    I think the compromise will have to be the 3CCD, thus choosing either HV20 or HC7E. A third option would be to wait a number of months and see if something new comes to the market.

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    Interesting. Your thread is titled 'semi-pro camcorder' but once in the thread you go to great pains to state that that is not really what you want at all.

    HDV does not equal semi-pro.

    I would personally argue that the term semi-pro should, at a minimum, start with the FX1. Of course the same semi-pros might well have some of these point-and-shoot cameras that you do seem to want.

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    If I used the term incorrectly I apologize.

    I just wanted to indicate that I was looking for a camera in the highest end of the consumer market but with a handy form factor.

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    The sony v1 is smaller than the fx and uses 3 cmos sensors.

    DV - Features - First Look: Sony HVR-V1 24p HDV Camera

    with size comparision.

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