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Thread: How to remove sountrack in segment?

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    Default How to remove sountrack in segment?

    how do i remove a sound track segment that comes with a video segment?

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    #1 - Click on the audio part and press DELETE . .or CTRL+X . .or Right click and choose DELETE . . or . . Toolbar>Edit>Delete

    #2 - there ain't no #2

    So, to recap: Click>Delete

    BUT if you are meaning the WHOLE Audio/SOUND track .. ah . .then it is:

    #1 - Right click on Audio Track Header and then: Right Click>Delete Track

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    yeah but the attached video track gets deleted too

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    Deleting, Grouping and Keeping it simple!

    OK, you/we have some extra ways of working GROUPING options in V7.

    Grouping IS very useful. You can group together Events that initially were unrelated to each other. The feature below will allow you to CHOOSE how you deal with Grouped events.

    GO > Options > Preferences > Editing > "Cut, Copy, and delete grouped events"

    IF this option is engaged then you WILL get what you are getting. Please tell me it was engaged? Please? And to NOT get this would mean you to DISENGAGE it. BUT this then works against the GROUPING option. So, in V7 all you NEED to do to retain this Grouping option is to Click on the Audio, press the U key and then DELETE.

    So, to recap:

    A] Having the Option Engaged in Preferences allows for GROUPING options

    B] To OVERRIDE this option for JUST the Video or the Audio I need to press the "U"-ngroup key and then DELETE.

    My thoughts? I leave it disengaged!

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