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    I'm looking into the possibilities of opening a studio with a fully lit green screen stage and editing/compositing facilites/services.

    I'd really like to do this on a level with prices/packages that could be afforded by everyone from amateur to professional.

    Before I take my buisiness plan any further, and to find out if could be a possibility, I've wrote up a short, 15 question, market research questionnaire. If anyone feels like they wouldn't mind I would highly appreciate if they were to downlaod it from this link:

    Market research Questionnaire.doc

    Answer as is possible without worrying if it's inclomplete and return it to me at the email address at the end of the document. Even letting me know if the answer to any of the questions is unknown will be usefull information.

    Passing the questionnaire on to anyone who may be relevenat would also be appreciated.

    Thanks and hopefully,


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    I forgot to add that the process is of course anonymous.



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    Haapy to help out but that downalod page is a nightmare - if you e mail me a copy I will complete for you.

    PM me if this is any good and I will reply with my e mail so you can send the questionaire.


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