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    I keep hearing all these great things about the freeware DVD Flick for authoring. I used it to burn some avi and mpeg files to DVD. I got really poor encoding. The movie picture cuts in and out every so often and the sound would stop - almost like when your digital cable is acting up. One movie was doing it every 5 minutes or so. Maybe I had some settings wrong? I shut down everything else on the computer, closed the network and internet connections, and the files to be burned were saved on my hard drive. Computer is a 2005 MCE by Dell - E1505 duo core processor, so I don't think my equipment was at fault. Has anyone else had this problem with DVD Flick?

    I was able to burn it with no problems with Roxio MyDVD version 6. But I don't need a menu, so I was thinking I'd try out the free software that everyone recommends.

    Is it just that you get what you pay for and commercial software just performs better?

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    The conclusion that you have come to is correct
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    Try the free trial of Ulead Video Studio 11.

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